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Composer of music for film, television and advertising. Works for National Broadcasting Company (NBC),
American World Pictures (AWP), National Geographic, Universal Networks International…


Jeff is a graduate of Ball State University - School of Music in his home state of Indiana where he received a Bachelor of Music degree, with a focus on Music Engineering Technology, along with a Minor in Applied Physics: Electronics. He spent more than a decade living in Los Angeles doing freelance work as a musician, composer and sound engineer. He has recorded and performed with various independent acts and toured much of the world as guitarist for System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian. Jeff’s compositional experiences range from electroacoustic and sound design pieces to works for chamber instruments to arrangements for rock and pop ensembles. His music can be heard on networks such as MTV, MTV2, VH1, SyFy, Animal Planet and National Geographic Channel in the United States and on many networks internationally.

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'Death Squad' is a composition used on the network National Geographic program 'Wicked Tuna'.
Featured in the thriller 'Groupie' by Mark L. Lester, 'Freefall' is a rock song featuring Jeff on vocals.
'Full Throttle Saloon' is a reality show Time Warner’s TrueTV that began airing in 2009.
The series 'Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files' airs on the SyFy network.
      'Perpetual War' is one of Jeff Mallow’s works used in the iPredator documentary series that appears on the National Geographic Network.


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